Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Day 9 - A taste of normal life

I'm at a friend's house so I couldn't update last night, forgive me!
Last night was somewhat of a strange day because I knew my routine was going to be disrupted so I just decided that I wouldn't fuss too much about my food.  I didnt do any exercise either...sounds like a dodgy day doesn't it?
Well it all started when I woke up and Mum asked me if I wanted some of the home made dumplings my Sister in law brought over the other day.  My Sister in law is particularly health conscious so I knew it wouldn't be too bad so I asked for a few.  When I came out, Mum had made congee with the left over basmati rice I left in the kitchen.  Needless to say she had a bowl of it ready for me and the whole 'adult made it can't say no' thing kicked in.  So I ate it!  Rice has never been a very good friend of mine and I went on into the afternoon feeling quite stodgy.

Having tended to my herb garden I was suddenly inspired to make something creative for lunch.  Above is a picture of my quinoa, broad bean, tomato herby salad.  If I had any I would have included some red onions, avocado and perhaps some rocket leaves.   It was a really delicious lunch and I'm glad I gave quinoa another chance because my previous experience wasn't so pleasant.  It goes to show you should keep trying the foods you were not so fond of because tastes buds grow and mature.

As well as this I've been really getting into tofu.  I've always loved tofu but I'm starting to eat it a lot more because it's proving to be a great substitute for meats (on a good day).  Despite cutting down on processed goods, I'm finding it really difficult to dodge them especially when some of my good treats turned out to be processed (Alpro desserts, Philadelphia cheese extra light... even low fat sausages!)
When I worked out that Philadelphia extra light spread was merely a delicious processed 'spread' I went hunting for a healthier alternative.  Somehow I managed to come back with something as equally processed but does not have dairy in it.  I don't know what I was thinking but behold, Tofutti Creamy Smooth.

  Originally I was attracted to this because of its non-dairy factor.  I eat dairy occassionally and cream cheese has always been one of my 'things' (or just a big, fat slice of Brie would do nicely, thank you).  When I picked it up the thought of a tofu cheese product sounded totally plausible and delicious.  It's also gluten free so that's always a plus.  I looked at the nutritional value and it wasn't too fattening either, score!  

I went home a happy bunny and when I tried the Tofutti it's absolutely delicious.  I dipped my brocolli snack into it and lord save me, it was the most wonderful combination.  So good, I even had a dream about it.  Anyway it was while I was munching on my supposedly healthy snack that I started looking up what 'trans fat' actually meant.  I knew it wasn't good but I couldn't possibly have been eating anything that had THAT in it!. No. No, no, no, no you dumb Helen, why don't you read things up before you hand over your money to damage your life?

Anyway having noted the nutritional information I noticed a high number against the polysaturated fat and according to Wiki that is the same thing.  Then I learned more and realised how bad it could be for you (heart disease anyone?).  I've read up that Tofutti contains this and have made trans-fat free versions but I don't think this is the one I picked up.  So now, I have to finish this trans-fat cream cheese - I am NOT happy because it's so damn delicious.

Anyway the night went on and I found myself fending off all sorts of strange temptations in the supermarket. It was time to see visit my friend and what was I going to have for dinner.  I decided on this:
I used to be quite skeptical about Innocent because there is no way a company can be that good.  Having studied them in depth for my degree, I couldn't find much about them that I disagreed with.  This is the first time I've tried their Tasty Veg Pots and at £3.49, I was really hoping it would impress me.  
I opted for the Roasted Aubergine Moussaka  which was very delicious (perhaps needs a bit more pepper and tobasco for me).  The product contains all 'natural' ingredients and I'm happy to report that mostly it's vegetables and goodness.  The only thing I'm 'unhappy' about is the coconut sugar and cheese but I barely batted my eyelid at that. I best thing about it is that it is very low in sodium, high in fibre, low in fats and only 288kcals!  So overall, I think this product is a win and I shall look into more of their veg pots in the future to save me.  

So is this what normal life will be?  Eating without being worried you're going OTT and choosing relatively smart choices?  I hope so because I think I will be just fine.  



  1. Thats how I am going to attack my life!! I posted my body shots and was like urge, chubby chubby chubby and at 32.4 BMI, Obese too!! So I am just going to live my life the way it should be lived, with energy provided by good food and lots of exercise, movement and fresh air!! Its a shame you hit a bad score with that tofu spread, it sounded so nice!! If you find the one without transfats please tell us!! That quinoa salad looks nice!!

    Kitty xx

  2. Heya again hun!! Thank you so much for the comment on my bloggy!! You are the one who is inspiring me to do it!! You are so brave to share it with the rest of the world, it inspired me too!! I never was any good at diets, so I think the route I am taking will be better for me, specially to get some movement each day! And awwwwws you make me blush with your last comment, I hope I do have a shape under the podge hehe!!

    Kitty xx