Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Day 16 - Eating out is f*cking hard!

You would expect from the title that this is going to be yet another post where I whine and moan about being defeated by the temptations of the outside world and how everything out there makes me fat.  Fear not, for I triumphed today in the chaotic war-zone of a day out!

This morning I had an amazing breakfast, it was a cherry, mango, banana smoothie made with organic skimmed milk.  Probably one of the BEST smoothies I've made so far and it's been 16 days for smoothie drinking.  So we were supposed to go to Harrods for afternoon tea but it was raining hard and fighting that as well as tube strikes did not sound like any idea of a nice birthday afternoon.  So instead we drove to Bluewater, which by then the sun came out shining, and we went to Carluccios.  Anyone who has been there will know how delicious the food is and just how calorific most of it is.  If you can afford the calories then go but otherwise it can be a minefield. 

I'm being serious when I say I was acting completely 'schizo' when I was there.  I had no idea what to do because I was starving and all I could see was PASTA, CREAM, TIRAMISU, BREAD, CHEESE, MORE PASTA, RISOTTO, FRIED CHICKEN etc etc etc and I just wanted to cry.  I looked at the salads, looked at the bread, salads, breads, salads,breads... you'll be pleased to know I settled with a Nicois Salad.  I have to say, it was one of the best Nicois salads I've ever had and I was very full afterwards.  It was so hard for me because I would have definitely ordered dessert after a starter and main course usually and I stuck with one salad, a cappuccino and mint tea.  Then it occurred to me... why would I eat dessert at lunch time anyway?   

Everyone else was extremely over stuffed and my sister had the most amazing looking chocolate bread and butter pudding.  I didn't even taste it because I could not put myself through that torture.  All I could see was cholesterol  and I just thought "I am NOT going to be pleased when I get home" and I knew the consequences.  I also thought back to how hard I worked last night so I didn't want to moose it up by eating one big fat heavy meal.  I was physically shaking when I was deciding and ordering but it turns out, I didn't die.

I also managed to make smart choices at dinner because we were at my brother's and was having steak!  I stuck with half a piece of steak and lots of vegetables (no rice!).  I felt great afterwards and instead of eating cake and dessert with everyone else, I had some delicious ripe figs.  I mean seriously, who am I today?  Superwoman?  Hell yes!

I don't think I would have eaten the steak if I didn't feel obliged to; it was a celebration dinner and I didn't want to kick up a fuss where the whole family turned to me and questioned me why.  Today wasn't about me but my Mum so I ate what I did and I am fine with it.  I'm just so pleased I didn't let any rice pass my lips. 

I didn't do any work outs today nor did I drink much of my water but today's triumphs are enough to send me to bed with a smile (it's 5am... I know, I know).  Tomorrow I'm going to reclaim my bike from my brother's shed and see how much I can ride.  I'm researching into running shoes so when I had the money I can buy them and go running. 

Happy Wednesday everyone, here's to another fricking fantastic day!

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