About Me

Just so you know, I'm so pleased you're intrigued enough to want to know about me, I'm both flattered and quite embarassed.
My name is Helen but I'm also known as Cherrychan108 from my beauty channel on Youtube.  I started The Slimming Strategy aged 21 because I was unhappy about my weight and after yo-yo dieting all my life, I thought it was time to really take things seriously.

I'm very passionate about life and I am always seeking improvement, enhancement and enjoyment; so far I've lived well and I've never gone a day without.  As a result I've become very materialistic and my mind is very greedy especially when it comes to food.  I'm a person with a lot of love and while I accept that I have faults, I'm not going to allow myself to be that person forever.  I strive to become the person I want my children to look up to and hopefully I can lead the path for those who also need help in the future.

Wait, so who am I?  In short, I'm..

  • An aspiring Pescetarian (Turned Vegan by Week 4)
  • A hardcore foodie
  • An optimist
  • A fighter
  • A lover 
  • A contradiction
  • An emotional wreck
  • A student with big dreams
  • A business woman in the making
  • A material girl
  • A traveller
  • An at home kind-of gal
  • A weakling at times
  • An emotionally strong woman when I have to be
  • Almost always confused
  • Always learning

Just a human