Sunday, 19 September 2010

The Bladder Infection

Just as I thought it was leaving, after a day, it seems to have come back and I'm due for a run tomorrow afternoon.  I just feel like I'm never going to beat it.  It makes me so anxious and depressed that I just can't concentrate or do anything. I really hate the idea of taking antibiotics which is why I go through the lengths of eating less cheap meats (well, that's one of the reasons) and sticking to home remedies for everything.  There is only so much sugary cranberry juice I can consume!  I can't get hold of 100% cranberry besides on the internet and I need it NOW. 

So tomorrow I must wake up and buy three cartons.  I shall drink them all and clear out my system, then I will go for a run on which I am bringing my sister in law and I cannot fail her.  

I need more sleep. 

1 comment:

  1. Maybe take a look at some cranberry supplements (available at Whole Foods or similar places). There a bit more expensive than juice but not much. They'd be a lot better for you than sugary juice drink!