Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Day 15 - Weigh in/Workout/Food Inc/Motivation/Keeping busy

Day 15 of this journey and I am not yet bored of it, this is a good sign people!  I'm almost waiting for boredom to strike and just pack up and give in.  No way in HELL do I want to or have any desires to but I'm wondering whether I've gone mad or I'm actually seeing sense for once in my life.  I hope it's the latter.

Anyway today is my second weigh in... I have to say, the results aren't particularly uplifting...

Weight: 12st 5.6lbs T___T
Waist inches: 35.5inches ,,,o_O
Hip inches: 42.5inches :D
Arm width: 15inches
Thigh width: 24.5inches ^_^
BMI 32.7kg/m2
Exercise: Exercised Once!
Average hrs of sleep p/night:7


I maintained my weight which is both disappointing and also a mini triumph.  If you recall I have not eaten particularly well and only really exercised once.  So maintenance isn't such a bad thing but isn't what I'm looking for.  However I have to take into account that I am on my period, which is always, always, always a contributing factor to weight gain.  So perhaps I will see a drop next week.
How I possibly gained 2.5inches on my waist I do not know considering I've lost and inch of my hips!  Now, that, boys and girls, I am very pleased about.  I actually feel slimmer already, perhaps this is all the crap releasing from my body?

These thunder arms remain thundery but my thunder thighs are now half an inch slimmer, yay go me!  I'm a little saddened to not see my BMI go down because that really did make me happy last week.  I'm still working on sleep too... I'm trying! 

Another week begins and I'm searching for new motivation and greater inspiration.  I worked out today which was great, again I followed The Jordan Workout (I'm not ashamed!) and it was great.  I tried to do 'the plank' but I just can't, perhaps I have zero muscle there (which explains why my waist just won't budge!).  So I did some exercise today and I felt good afterwards although I must remember to try and do it during the day and not after dinner.  I think both those things stopped me from working out harder than I could have. 

I've kind of hit this point in life where I feel like I'm really growing up and taking responsibility of my life.  For some reason I no longer feel like a child or even a teenager anymore which is a good thing because I'm actually a young adult.  I ACTUALLY feel like one now.  I have so much life in me all of a sudden and I am absolutely buzzing with excitement about life.  I'm no longer just ambitious about my career but I'm becoming passionate about how I live, what I put in my body, what I stand for and who I really am.  It's becoming quite clear to me that this isn't as simple as a weight loss journey, I'm literally shedding my old self.  It's quite remarkable.

Today I finally watched Food Inc and I was totally reminded why I feel so defensive about the things I eat.  When I watched this I felt cheated by the Government and what we are doing to our bodies.  Here in the UK, food standards are good but I presume similar things happen.  I don't know exactly how it works in the UK but I do know that we have reputable companies that produce quality food as well as the bad, evil produced.  The thing about being the young adult that I am, I'm not yet able to buy the good, honest produce fully (a la Organic eggs) and when we are low in income sometimes 'basic' or 'value' meat is all we can afford.  It doesn't make me a happy person but I understand how difficult it is to eat with a clear conscience these days.  This film reminded me of exactly why I want to work hard because I want to be able to afford the organic, the premium, the best produce there is.  It's sad that the more honest food is the most expensive but if that's the world we live in, that I'm going to make sure that my children grow up understanding exactly where their food comes from.

Anyway in terms of the weight loss, things are going relatively smoothly.  I'm worried because tomorrow is my Mum's birthday celebration day and not only am I'm worried about going into central London (tube strikes, again) but we are taking her to Harrods for afternoon tea.  She's ALWAYS wanted to go and so we are taking her but I can see myself going nuts at the scones, clotted cream and sandwiches.  Perhaps I will do a work out before I go?

Lastly I just want to say that it's been two weeks and I feel good.  I'm 3lbs away from my first mini goal and I will officially be 170lbs.  Once I get to 170lbs I think I will have to find a way to kick it up a notch and perhaps by then I will have the courage to actually go running.  I keep having visions of me running in parks but that seems very far right now.  I'm so self conscious about it and around my area it's horrible to even go out (you've heard those sirens!) so I think if I were to do it I would have to drive to a nice neighbourhood and jog there in the park.  Perhaps if I get confident with the running I will drag one of my best friends to do it with me.

So that's that for day 15!


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  1. YAY congrats on maintaining your weight and loosing those inches!! You sound like you are keeping up with it :D I don't think I have much hope of starting mine properly while at the boyfies, too much temptation, so I will start mine properly when I get home! Then I will have a month and a half to get into a routine before I go back to his again!! I am glad things are going smoothly, just drink a lot of water before you go to Harrods, that will fill you up!!

    Kitty xx