Saturday, 11 September 2010

Day 19 - Where did the day go?

I hate sleeping late and I hate waking up late.  That's my biggest problem.

Today has been an okay kind of day.  I haven't over eaten but it's been rather boring because the house is almost empty as tomorrow is grocery day.  I hate being in a house full of foods I don't eat anymore.  So tomorrow I'm waking up early to go to the farmer's market and then the store. I've just finished writing up my list so I don't deviate from the plan and I've also written down prices and it comes just under our £60 weekly budget!  How fabulous.  If the stuff at the farmers market proves to be more expensive I might have to leave early which is a shame because who doesn't want to support their local farmers?  When the budget goes up to £80 a week then maybe we might have a shot.

Today I made a bit more effort to drink my water and I have done next to no exercise.  My body is exhausted from yesterdays exertion and I just needed to rest and get my head right.  I've decided to prepare for my 21 day challenge starting from Monday and it's all quite exciting. 

I also evaluated my skin and it's looking good these days.  I've also been checking out how soft my hair feels... what could it be? 

The last thing I want to mention is that today a bff of mine messaged me to say that he has decided to live a healthier lifestyle too.  I don't know if it was I who inspired him but I'm so pleased he has decided to attempt raw eating and changing his life.  What's shocking is that this guy used to be hooked on pepsi and he dislikes vegetables.  I don't know how well he will do but I'm cheering him on and I will update you on his progress. 
I'm finding that I'm inspiring more and more people to change their lives and this is EXACTLY what I hoped to achieve.  I wanted to better myself in order to promote better living and it's happening already.  It proves that humans are not that resistant to change and those who survive, can.


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  1. Ooooo I wish I could shop at a farmers market, I love all the stuff they sell there and supporting your local farmers!!! But priceeey so Asda it is for me until I can afford farmers stuff more :P I do try to buy fruit and veg from my local green grocers though!! And congratulations on inspiring someone else!!

    Kitty x