Sunday, 5 September 2010

Day 13 - Farmers Market Experience, the Pressure cooker and WORKING OUT!

This morning I woke up at 8am ESPECIALLY to make my way to my first farmers market experience in Wimbledon.  I was so excited despite being incredibly tired and hormonally emotional.  Perhaps its because of that that I felt so in love with all the stuff when I got there.  For the past few days I've not been eating 100% on plan so I was excited to get back on track.  Here are some pictures of the produce I picked up!

DSC01279 DSC01280


DSC01282 DSC01278

It was a lot of fun and I felt particularly good knowing that the food I was eating was organic.  Unfortunately, this world is twisted and organic food is more expensive than 'regular' food so I can't keep doing this.  I guess organic is still classed as a luxury!

I also worked out how to use my pressure cooker so I'm particularly pleased.  This will help so much this winter because I make a lot of soups and stews so this will speed things up.  I made an oxtail soup today!

The most thrilling thing that happened today was that I worked out!  While I was falling asleep in my chair I just suddenly decided to do a ten minute work out to wake myself up.  Would you believe than 10 minutes turned into 50?!  CRAZY STUFF! 

I've been working out to some Youtube videos I found because well, to be quite frank, it's free to do it at home.  This was the first video I did and quite like.

I liked this but I didn't find that it raised my heart beat enough.  It did warm me up and it kicked started me into wanting to keep moving.  So I recommend this for a quick ten minute work out to maybe wake yourself up. 

I started searching for more and you wouldn't believe what I came across!  I came across a 'Jordan' aka Katie Price work out with her trainer 'Richard' called 'The Jordan Workout'.  Actually, it's so far from Jordan's work out it's unreal.  I think this was before she was Katie Price and I have to say the video can be off putting for a few reasons.  First of all, she looks like she's not putting much effort into it.  Her trainer is amazing but I have no idea why she is there.   As always her boobs are distracting and I think they distract the trainer too!  The video is also pink!
Despite all that, i found it to be a great work out.  It starts off slow and each set he does gets more intensive but there is always gradual progression.  It's very straight forward yet effective and the music is great as well.   If you can ignore the small things, it's a good video to follow and it definitely worked me out.

This first video was a great warm up.  I thought it lame at first but you will be pleasantly surprised at how steady and well put together it is.

Part 2 gets intense and I loved it.  Again, it's slightly annoying with her boobs but never mind.

By this time I was passing out!  But I kept going! 

The resistance work out was much harder for me because well...I'm weak!  But it was so good it made my body feel like jelly afterwards.  I couldn't do much of the other resistance training because I don't have much space or a mat so I cooled down and finished off. 

I shall post the other two videos anyway.

So it was on day 13 that I really did a proper work out and I feel good.   I found my moods were elevated afterwards and suddenly my body felt less tense.  I think I might do it again tomorrow...

That's it for day 13, what a success!  I did well with the water and ate within calories.  Tomorrow is day 14 which means weigh in soon.  I'm so nervous but I'm really hoping for some inch changes now!


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