Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Day 23 ~ Sometimes the diet isn't a priority

I knew from when I went to bed I would be plagued with bladder infection all of today.  I hate it when it comes back from time to time but it basically immobilises me and causes great exhaustion and anxiety.  I didn't go to that internship after all and instead I stayed at home and nursed myself to better health.  Right now I'm feeling OK but I know it hasn't gone.  In order to clear bladder infection you can drink a lot of cranberry juice and that helps flush out the nasties in you but in doing this I ended up consuming a lot of sugar and calories. 

Luckily for me I didn't use much energy so I didn't need to eat a lot.  I was kind of bummed that I didn't do any exercise but I did manage a power walk ten minutes up the road to get the cranberry juice and back.  Tomorrow I plan to do better.

Another one of those 'nothing' days.  I'm getting slightly worried at how empty the fridge is and  how we will survive this week with such little amount of groceries left.  I think my huge organic shopping meant there was less to eat and this means next time I will have to go easy on the organic.  I am also considering going to Asda instead to see if it makes that much more of a difference.

So not much to report everyone but thank you for being here.



PS.  This blog has been cut short because if I don't sleep now, I will only have five hours to sleep before it's 8am!!! 21 CHALLENGE SHALL NOT BEAT ME!


  1. sorry to hear that you have bladder infection. I hope you will recover from it soon. Did you drink enough plain water?

    I read from one of your posts that you were on sureslim once and you called it soul-destroying or something similar. Why is this so?

  2. @Jenny: Hi Jenny :) i'm slowly recovering so all is well thank you. I've been drinking a lot of water and cranberry juice and it seems to be working :)
    Ah yes i was on sureslim for a while. well because i was constantly hungry... the plan didn't teach you anything about nutrition or what real portion control is. it didnt tell you about why your body does xy or z and it was so limited that life became so boring. i remember being so weak from hunger that i fell asleep everywhere i stopped whether it were train, desk, chair or leaning against a wall. im sure i was eating less than 1000 calories which is why i could lose up to 6lbs a week. i became too slim, too fast and i couldnt adjust so emotionally it was confusing too. i wasn't any fitter, i was just skinnier. the constant weighing of foods was also terrifying for someone who doesnt understand the background of why you're so so. knowledge is power and if you're told to eat 50g of something you need to know why and you need to know if thats right for you. i became quite ill and i knew a lot of other people who began getting ill too - mind,we were all skinnier which is what we were paying for. in the end, i was unhappy, unwell, i had non existent concentration levels and my skin was grey. in the end i quit it because i didnt want to live life like that.
    i still weight food to this day but i eat is very balanced, and i have less restrictions but i also know the difference in labels and ingredients. im eating a fairly small amount but im rarely hungry and my brain is sharper and i have better sleep.
    overall, my soul is healing through the way i do things these days and i'm well passed sureslim days!

    i hope that helped :) x