Thursday, 9 September 2010

Day 17 - Another day in the world of skinny

Tip of the day: When making a smoothie, don't use only frozen fruits because you will get brain freeze.

I went to bed SERIOUSLY late last night and so I woke up at noon.  This meant that today has been such an off day because my schedule was completely turned upside down.  I made the best out of a messy situation and had my smoothie as usual.  For lunch I made the most AMAZING salad!


I was teaching my sister about quinoa and filing salads so this is what we came up with. Quinoa with organic egg, kale, tomatoes and grilled peppers and mushroom and onion.  We seasoned it with a lot of chilli flakes to speed up at metabolism and shredded seaweed.  It was absolutely delicious and this was about 264kcal - I kid you not.  I definitely recommend it!

By the time we finished it was around dinner time so in the end I've kind of under eaten. The trouble with that is that your body ends up storing fat because it's worried about starvation but really I ate next to no fat today.  I had some fish I made for dinner (everyone else has to eat you know!) and then a handful of blueberries.  Then I had the most wonderful chocolate experience. 



If you've been wondering what my hot chocolate looks like, this is it.  I drink 100% fair-trade cocoa powder with water and brown sugar.  I use a lot of cocoa powder so it's very rich and aromatic.  I've discovered the best thing that goes with this type of chocolate elixir:DSC01345 DSC01343

100% dark organic chocolate from Hotel Chocolat!  It's not for everyone and probably can only be stomached by a few in this world and I'm one of them.  It's bitter with an amazing aromatic roasted flavour; it's not too acidic but to most people it just tastes like bitter nothing.  To me, this is heaven.  The most amazing thing is if you take a bite and suck it and then drink my hot chocolate elixir, the chocolate becomes flavoursome, indulgent, rich and luxurious.  Oh god, I'm going to die thinking about it.  I didn't eat a lot of it but it was enough.  I can't believe how low calorie this is and how amazing it is!

Hotel Chocolat have a wonderful Purist range and it's become my new favourite treat!  I am going to seek out their dark chocolate buttons soon :)

I also picked up my bike from my Brothers and it's been pumped up, cleaned and adjusted. I now have to find a helmet but that will come a bit later.  I've found running shoes so it will all come in to place soon.  Tomorrow is another long day out with my girl friends (the ones I drink with) but it's a days worth of shopping.  So I will walk a lot and hopefully make good choices again. I must remember how great it felt to have controlled myself so I don't fall into that trap again. I refuse to ruin it now!

I also sneakily weighed myself this morning and I was 12st 3lbs!!!! OH MY GOD!  Don't take it seriously, it's not even mid week yet but I just couldn't help myself.  YAY!!!!

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  1. Your posts and videos are making me want to try Quinoa again after failing the last time I tried it out.