Monday, 13 September 2010

Day 22 - Just when you think life is going splendidly...

It's Monday so it's weigh in day!  Let's have a look at today's stats...

Weight: 12st 2.4lbs            :D
Waist inches: 36inches     ¬_¬
Hip inches: 42inches         ^_^
Arm Width: 15inches       T_T
Thigh Width: 25inches     X_X
BMI:  32.2kg/m2

First of all I must give myself a big pat on the back for having lost 3.2lbs this week!  Wow :) I'm not at 12st 1 yet but that puts me to 170lbs and do you know what that means?  I'm at my first goal!  The first half a stone is usually quite easy for me and so I know now I've reached here, I have to go hard and really put myself in gear. 
I've somehow managed to gain half an inch to my waist as well as maintain on both my arms and thighs.  Well this is strange because I worked out twice last week!  Perhaps it's the 'muscle' but I'm more inclined to believe that I didn't work out enough and the weight is dropping from my face, hips and ...ears?  Who knows but I don't want to dwell on it too much because my BMI has lowered to 32.2!  How amazing!  My desired BMI rate is actually 24 which puts me at about 8stone and 8lbs (120lbs) so I still have another 50lbs to go.  WOW, when you put it like that!

Now that I think about it, in the last three weeks I've managed an average 2lbs a week and I hope that I can maintain that average.  That means if I continue at this rate I could reach to my goal BMI in 25 weeks.  That would translate to about 4 months and 1 week.  Considering slip up weeks and a few lapses that are inevitable, I want to give myself 6 months to really get there.  Can I do this by next March?  And what about my birthday?  May I lose at least 20lbs by December?  That would make me a lot skinnier and I would be so happy to be remotely normal weight on my birthday! 

Anyway what will be, will be.  I'm just happy that the last three weeks have been going well and I have successfully shed off almost half a stone.  Like my Sister said today, after all of the shakes, pills, diets, regimes and money wasted, it turns out all I needed was determination.

Today I overate.  Not because I was dying for lots of treats or that I lost control and just ate whatever came my way.  As you know I'm on the 21 day challenge that means I woke up at 8am.  I find that waking up so early means I had to manage my eating in a different way because I had more time to be hungry and think about food.  I ended up eating a lot of small meals and had one too many.  So I over ate by about 400 calories and I didn't manage to fit in any workout.  This worries me because...

I've just taken on an internship which means I'm awake at 6am, out the door by 8am, leave the office by 6pm and home at 8pm.  I'm fearing for my weight loss efforts and I fear for my sanity.  I don't know what I will do for food, I'm not even worrying about the actual job.  I've armed my bag with snackable fruit and vegetables but I know I will go mental for food because that happens when I'm feeling under stimulated.  Also, I have not dealt with my weight loss well in social situations so far and this makes me very nervous about the next few weeks.  I can't afford to slip up for a whole month so I'm racking my brains as to what I can do that will assure me that I will not lose control.  The worst thing is now I really don't have much time to work out.  As much as I wish I could, I really doubt I will come home at 8pm and go for a run.  Also, I really don't think I can wake up earlier than 6am!  Perhaps I will wake up at 6am and run for half an hour and that will give me an hour and a half to get ready?  *cries*  I really don't know.

So wish me luck for the up coming week, I can foresee a lot of storms ahead I just hope there will be a rainbow at the end of it all.


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