Monday, 6 September 2010

Day 14 - Out of control, stress, ache and period pains

Eugh.  What a bloody rubbish day it was.

This morning I went off to see my family and for some reason we ended up at Ikea for breakfast.  I didn't really have a chance!  I ate awfully and as a result I just did not track my calories today.  It's too hard and I hate facing the crap that I do to myself so I just gave up today. 

I came home rather stressed about my money situation and spent the entire evening worrying, planning, worrying more, stressing out and panicking.  I forgot to eat, I forgot to drink and I didn't exercise at all.  Dinner time rolled around and I wasn't even hungry but everyone else was so I made chicken and vegetable soup in the pressure cooker (yay for speed!) and served it with bread.  I realised how hungry I was when I was cooking so by the time the food was ready I scoffed a rather large amount of bread and soup.  Oh dear.  By the time I was washing the dishes my body suddenly screamed at me for fruit because I ate about 10% of my usual vegetable intake and it was NOT happy, so my sister blitzed me a smoothie and I chugged that down. 

Needless to say I'm feeling rather low.  With my financial problems bothering me and horrible period pains ... everything seems to much more worse than they really truly are.  Tomorrow is weigh in day and having looked back at this week, I think i will be lucky to maintain. Whatever happens I know I need to keep going and not give up and I won't.  I still have that determination and will to succeed, I just think I really need to chill out and come back and be focussed.

Tomorrow I promise to work out and start tracking my exercise as well as my food. Here is to a BRILLIANT week 3!


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