Friday, 3 September 2010

Day 10 + 11 - Organic Eggs, Food Market and Whole Foods visit.

Day 10 was actually a very good reminder that I don't like sitting around idle anymore.  In what i call 'my previous life', I would spend the whole day doing no more than what a rock would do, just lazing about and loving up doing absolutely nothing.  To a certain extent, I still love doing 'nothing' but it's become my leisure time where I have fun or learn things (soon, maybe exercise properly).  But on Wednesday I did nothing and just laid in at my friend's house and watched a lot of TV. 

The one thing that I learned from day 10 is that organic eggs are really, well and truly, superiorly DELICIOUS. Most people will say that organic food tastes no different to regular food and while I cannot say it for other things, Sainsbury's So Organic Free Range eggs are wonderfully tasty.  I actually had five eggs in one day....   OK, no one said day 10 was a particularly good day.  On top of that I munched on some crisps too but besides that the diet stayed relatively well intact. 

Day 11, which is today, was somewhat of a different story.  I feel like life is trying to teach me (or test me) on how to cope in life situations and the obstacles are tough but not as bad as they seem.  I woke up and finished off the last of the six organic eggs and it was so good boiled (note to self: boiled eggs are way more filling and less fatty than fried eggs, or omelettes!)
I had a particularly small breakfast because I knew I was going out to eat with one of my besties.  Her and I are quite extreme foodies but the only difference is is that she has zero ability to store fat and I think I absorb her fat for her.  When we catch up it's seldom we go without food because after all, what's happiness without a bit of munch? 


WARNING: This blog starts getting very delicious.  I'm sorry if you're hungry and you want to be good but this is about food appreciation and picking the right choices, not eating everything you can get your hands on and I promise there is a point to this!


The evening started off at Ponti's in Covent Garden where we sat down to have drinks and catch up.  To go with the home made lemonade we had some rosemary salted almonds, garlic bread and olives.  

DSC01197 DSC01199

DSC01200 DSC01195

Like I said, there is a point to this.  Remember, when going out, stick to one nibble with your drink if you're going to have one.  In this case the better option would have probably been the olives.  The almonds were good but full of salt and not tasty enough to compensate for that.  As for the garlic bread, well, need I say more?

Having walked out of Ponti's and aimlessly drifting into a sea of people we realised we had suddenly arrived at the Apple Market!  This is a new Real Food Market that takes place every Thursday in Covent Garden from 11am to 7pm.  It's 'the foodie paradise of fresh produce and gourmet ingredients'!  There is absolutely everything from artisan cheeses to fruit and vegetables, from prize winning meats to home made cakes, even speciality breads and seafood!  I would highly recommend anyone who is able to go to take a visit.  It's a like a small scale of a farmers market and it was an absolute pleasure.


DSC01201 DSC01213 DSC01236

I was awfully excited looking at the fresh fruits and vegetables because they were organic and extremely beautiful.  It's rare that you see such vibrant looking produce in your local supermarket so the thing we must take note from here is that there is definitely more out there than your local Asda.


Polish pastries!  I didn't dare try them because I have not yet allowed one to pass my lips in a long time.  Remember, pastries are definitely a once in a blue moon thing.  Delicious as they might be, they are probably not worth the feeling or weight gain afterwards. 


I have an extreme weakness for beautiful and fancy salads and this one caught my eye.  Again, I didn't eat it but my brain sure did.  This type of salad had Parma ham with figs and mozzarella cheese.  Can you just imagine the saltiness combined with the sweet, plump figs and the creamy cheese?  Now boys and girls, this could probably be a good choice because it may be rich but it's full of vitamins and will tantalise your taste buds.. 

DSC01205 DSC01229

Oh lord, pies are wonderful.  I don't think I've ever really had a bad pie in my life, I mean, stodgy pastry with meats?  Delicious!  But I waved them off goodbye with a sad smile.  This is definitely a no go.

DSC01206 DSC01208

Raw oysters - one of the many delicacies in life that I want to thank the sea for.  I am a gigantic raw oyster fan and it's definitely hot sauce and lemon one slider shot for me!  Oysters, are extremely low in calories!  According to Calorie Count, one raw oyster is 10 calories, do you know that's the same as a huge sheet of Nori?  It's also very high in iron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, vitamin B12 and zinc so it's like a mini power shot. 


Potatoes in oil?  No thanks, even if you do have fresh herbs all over you, check out that fat!  Grilled kebabs?  Sure, go ahead.


Isn't this a beautiful site?  Look at how beautiful this is.  I believe it's feta cheese that's in this cherry tomato salad and that's OK to eat but in small amounts.  I was certainly tempted anyway!

DSC01211 DSC01232

Dried sausages and meat products can always catch my eye; flavoursome, comforting, versatile and addictive!  Also, high in salt and very fatty.  I have to say I nibbled on one or two taster pieces and made peace with the fact that I tried some.

DSC01212 DSC01225

It was rather off putting when I was trying to concentrate on the fruit and all I could smell was sizzling meat!  It smelt wonderful though but unfortunately that was pretty much out of bounds.  If you're going to have some, ask for a small taste and say goodbye.

DSC01215 DSC01221

If you're like me and you can't resist and dessert, try sharing it or opting for  a dessert 'shot' if there is one.  These are TINY taster portions that will make you happy!  Isn't this one a beauty?

DSC01226 DSC01228 DSC01227

I found L'orchidee and I'm so gutted we found them late!  They actually have some amazing savoury ones to offer and if there is one reason why I'm going to go back soon it's because of them.  The lady there was incredibly polite and pleasant to talk to.  I bought one single Rose macaron and it was TOTALLY worth it.  Go to her website to check her out:


DSC01239 DSC01237

Hello carbohydrates!  Considering it was the afternoon I did allow myself to try some of the home made pesto on a small square of bread.  I didn't try the cheese sandwiches but I did share a small taster portion of black truffle risotto!  It was amazing by the way.

So that was Apple Farm and I will most likely go there again.  If anyone would like to go it would be a great place to meet up for some foodie fun!

Something else I've been meaning to tell you guys is that I've been looking through a website that was recommended by Antishay of Youtube and it's  It's a website directory full of vegetarian and vegan places to eat!  I decided to make it my mission to go to these places to see where my options are and to discover good vegan food.


Originally I wanted to go to Food for Thought for a dinner but I could not find a working cash machine as they only accepted cash.  For the longest time I've been wanting to go to this little treasure trove (so they say) but I couldn't make it today.  We ended up wandering around and ended up in Neal's Yard!

DSC01241 DSC01243

Neal's Yard salad bar seemed like a nice choice except it was quite empty and I usually take that as a signal that food is probably less fresh than it could be.  As for their cheese deli - I have never come across such a feet smelling cheese place in my life.  I will brave it again and buy myself a lump of Brie one day but for now, I can only admire it from afar.

DSC01244 DSC01245

We ended up in Otarian which is a semi-vegan restaurant situated on the corner of Shaftesbury Avenue. 

DSC01246 DSC01247

This is apparently a chocolate treat that contained no eggs or dairy!  To be honest I've tried better vegan chocolate desserts but it was fairly decent.

DSC01248 DSC01252

Vicky and I shared a combo meal of roasted vegetable cous cous salad and a spinach o pea soup.  I have to say the food was of mediocre standard; it did vegetarian food very little justice and while I wasn't throwing my food up, I probably wouldn't try it again.  If I happen to go past again I might give their burgers or wraps a go.


I end this post with a note that I finally visited Whole Foods!!!!!!  I didn't buy anything in particular because I didn't want to carry much but I did pick up some sprouts and organic kale.  I am hoping to visit my closest one by car next time and we can then do a grocery haul :)

Come on day 12, I'm going to make sure it's PERFECT.



  1. Omg, I love spark people. When you get more space you should also get a workout ball. They're really helpful on working out all your muscle groups. I ached =P

  2. That Farmers Market looks AMAZING!! That is just the way apples should look....leaves included. You are sooooo lucky to live where you do. I'm jealous! LOL!