Saturday, 4 September 2010

Day 12 - Food hangover, kale and hot chocolate

Having been away for almost three days (9, 10, and 11), day 12, which was today, felt exactly like day 1 and its that feeling you get when you come back home from a really indulgent holiday.  All of a sudden I'm trying to get back into routine and it's all exciting, nerve wracking, complicated and tiring.  It really does not help that I will be on my period soon so I'm not only feeling awfully bloated but I'm experiencing some really deadly cramps.

Nonetheless I was very pleased to make a smoothie for breakfast and I started drinking my water again.  I managed my 2L as well which was encouraging.  I decided I would be a bit adventurous today because I had the time to.

Remember I told you I picked up only a few things from Whole Foods?  Well I lied, I picked up two:

DSC01262 DSC01269

These are Sky Sprout's Organic Mixed Sprouts!  Also I got some fresh organic kale because it looked so lush.

I have to say both went down well and the kale which cost 99p for a very large bunch, fed three people and was incredibly wonderful.  It's amazing because I've been eating supermarket kale for so long and it's always been one of those rubbery, dry and sometimes uncomfortable eating affairs but I ate it because I knew it was good for me. These ones, the organic ones, are soft, lush and smell wonderful.  They actually taste sweeter and are so vibrant.  I am LOVING this organic stuff.  The sprouts were wonderful and I ate the entire box.  Yum!


This is a close up of my lunch which was a mixed sprouts with tuna fish salad.  I sprinkled nori on top to give it more flavour.  To. Die. For.


This was dinner which was the rest of the sprouts, quinoa and kale with more nori on top.  I am so vitamined up!

The rest of the day I ate a lot of apples and broccoli; and I didn't manage many steps but that's OK, I figured considering it's my hang over day I just need to get the food in check again.  One step at a time people!


I also decided I no longer want to eat refined white sugar anymore and nor do I want to eat artificial sweeteners.  I happened to have unrefined Demerara sugar which I looked up and it says it's less processed and has a better flavour.  I use it to sweeten this:



This is Divine's 100% fair trade cocoa powder that I use to make hot chocolate.  I've accepted that the 'yummy' hot chocolate is a swishy cup of sugary crap and from now on I need to learn what real hot chocolate is.  In a small mug I add a very large tea spoon of cocoa powder, one tea spoon of Demerara sugar and add water.  You can add hot milk but I'm happy without because I don't want the extra calories.  Hot chocolate has gone from being this sickeningly sweet, light brown and frothy slosh to bitter sweet, strong cocoa goodness. It's a big change but I kind of like it.  It's like going from a latte to a good quality black coffee.  I'm so glad I'm open to change and have a palette for it otherwise I would be in trouble. 

That's all I have to report on food. 

I've recently reassessed my finances and kind of discovered that if I'm frugal with my money from now on I may have the money to join my leisure centre and perhaps buy myself a decent pair of trainers.

Tomorrow I'm heading off to the farmers market so there WILL be a grocery haul!

Good night!


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