Monday, 23 August 2010

My Plan [Phase 1]

Tonight I'm going to go to bed as the fat girl in a rut and tomorrow I'm going to wake up the positive and motivated person I want to be. 

To begin I must inform you on the plan that will be commencing as of the 23rd of August 2010.  It's not going to be perfect and not everyone is going to agree with it.  There's going to be slight changes on the way I'm sure, but this is my guideline; it's how I want to do it and it's of course an experiment in itself.  So if you have any tips or suggestions I will welcome them with open ears but I will not tolerate slander on my life style choices.  So if you are interested in what I plan to do, please read on.

  • I will be eating five times in a day; I choose to have three small meals and two tiny snacks a day.  This is probably the best way to keep what's left of my metabolism up and hopefully keep my sugar levels from slumping (providing I pick my options sensibly). 
    • The general guideline is to consume 1200 calories a day.  From my understanding for weight/height/lifestyle I will lose on average 1.2lbs per week. 
      • Breakfast = 200kcal.  Snack 1 = 100kcal.  Lunch = 400kcal.  Snack 2 = 100kcal.  Dinner = 400kcal (including dessert). 
      • Breakfast guideline:  Protein, vegetables/fruits, water, whole grain.  Low sugar, low salt.  Vitamin supplements.
      • Snacks guideline: Vegetable crudites, fruit, low sodium crackers, nuts.
      • Lunch guideline: Whole grain, protein, vegetables.  Lots of water.  Sugar free. 
      • Dinner guideline: Mainly vegetables and protein from time to time.  Lots of water and sodium free.
      • Dessert guideline:  Fruit, sugar free ice lollies, low calorie ice cream lollies, fruit teas.
  • I will attempt to drink as much water as possible, mainly trying to hit 2 Litres a day.  Having tried and tested this more than once in my life I know how difficult this can be for me but I shall persevere.  Drinking water will not only train my body to crave water as opposed to snacks but it will clear out my system, keep me hydrated and keep my liver healthy.
  • I will aim to sleep more.   It's been suggested that those who sleep little and inconsistently (me) are more likely to become overweight.  Sleeping also keeps my mood levels consistent and means my body will wake up craving less energy.
  • I will aim to exercise very gently three times a week; it's recommended that adults exercise 30 minutes a day, fives days per week.  I detest exercise but I'm trying to change my view of that but I don't want to push myself and in return burn myself out.  I need to start moving but I don't want to turn myself off completely.  For now I shall be walking 10,000 steps a day with the help of my pedometer.  We will see how this goes.  If and when there is a definite exercise regime established, I shall inform you.

That is the rough guideline of phase one.   Good luck everyone, see you on the skinny side.



  1. This sounds like a pretty good plan. I wish you luck ^____^

  2. I remember from a previous video you mentioned that you liked eating cereal. I am currently eating Kashi and Total together. They're pretty good. They have a lot of fiber and whole grain. I don't know if you have Kashi there, but you should try it out if you do have it. They have lots of choices ^_^

  3. Good luck! i think what your doing is great, i really hope you succeed in this as i too know how it feels to jump on and off the diet waggon. I'm sure you know already but just a reminder...try not to "think" about food and what your going to eat throughout the will drive you crazy!! haha but i think you'll be fine because you've calculated your calories and i could see the determintion in your eyes from your youtube video.


  4. This sounds like a good plan!! I can never stick to the calorie counting thing so I just cut down on all the snacks I eat!! I eat five times a day too :D The three main meals then I try to only have a low fat snack between them (I get seriously hungry every four hours so three main meals a day with snacks inbetween suits me fine) Starting today I am restricting myself to one 'treat' and only snack on fruit!! Rather than chocolate like before!! The water thing I am doing as well as I have bladder infection problems and I always find drinking a lot of water helps!!
    (If you arnt against it, downloading a exercise video has helped me get started and riding my bike! I have Davinas 3 30 minute work outs but shhhh!!) I found my new love in biking so I can't wait for the weather to dry out so I can get on the bike again!!

    You can do it!!

    Kitty x