Friday, 27 August 2010

Day 3+4 AND Body Shots AND Vegetable Ramble

Hello everyone, I'm back for another post update for both day three and day four.  Ideally I would update everyday but it's been an extremely hectic week with a job interview and lots of life organising.

Yesterday being day 3 was not completely disastrous but went well considering the circumstances.  I woke up to mackerel and a tomato for breakfast; I know what you're thinking but I personally can eat smoked mackerel anytime anywhere and we had little in the fridge so tomato it was.  I wasn't hungry because all I could think about was my job interview.  Before I left the house I microwaved a corn on a cob and it's become my new favourite power snack.  There's something about eating a corn on a cob that makes you feel like you're really going for it; it's like eating a chicken drumstick but sweet, crunchy and healthy!
Having travelled across London and endured a really gruelling interview, I went to meet a friend and ended up in Starbucks.  Fortunately at this point I had many calories left so I had a Chicken and Roast pepper panini, ginger snap biscuits and a skinny white chocolate mocha.  Honestly, I don't count that as a disaster because the rest of the night was chaos in comparison. 
I went to meet my girlfriends at a local bar and as usual to accompany our bottles of Rose and Woo Woo pitchers, we ordered food platters to keep us fed and to soak up the alcohol.  Needless to say I ended up picking at lots of deep fried goods and crisps; "delicious" but I did feel mildly sick eating it.  Having rediscovered my love for healthy food again, these foods no longer did much for me but make me feel awful afterwards.  I drank a glass of Rose and a glass of Woo Woo.  I'm not proud but it could have been a lot worse!  I did OK in terms of water but it could have been better.  Luckily, I managed my 10,000 steps.

So it's day 4 and today was a complete and utter success; I didn't manage the 10,000 steps and nor did I drink all the water but today I made correct choices and decisions, that is what is shocking and extremely encouraging.
I woke up to more mackerel again.  You see these days when I wake up I'm not only thirsty but ravenous.  Having downed lots of water my stomach was crying out for sustenance.  I realise when this happens it's protein that my body needs even though I would love to gobble up a bagel.  So I will choose something like fish, eggs or even cheese.  I later made myself a smoothie with berries and added spinach for an extra boost in iron. 
I went shopping today and I find eating out one of my bigger challenges.  My sister and I had planned to go to Crepe Affair and luckily they have nutritional values of each crepe on their website.  I asked for less cheese in my Veggie Delight crepe and I had water!  I said no to a second crepe and skipped out on ice cream.  What a triumph!  I did feel a bit sad at the time but it soon passed.
I went home and made a wonderful dinner of grilled aubergines, a chick pea salad, steamed brocolli and grilled green pepper.  I am feeling great!

So four days are over but they are the least of my worries; the weekend is usually what breaks me because I work in a Chinese Take away.  I find myself giving into greasy plates of noodles but I know I can choose healthily. I will plan and try to minimise damage by walking, drinking and eating more vegetables.  I need to remember to lay off of the salt!

Also you will find in my Quick Progress Time Line pictures of my body in underwear.  I do apologise if I offend anyone but I'm sure it would be useful to others and myself for comparison.  I will do these body shots once every month and hopefully will not bombard you with too many of these pictures.  So I thought I'd give you a quick look now:


I'm not too sure what to say about this but "yuck".  How did I let this happen?  Anyway, I hope this is the last time I will be like this!

Lastly I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the new diet and how it's helped me rediscover loving vegetables and how little I need or want meat.

Despite what you think (considering the picture above) I have been a huge vegetable eater and I love salads above onion rings, chicken wings, burgers or steaks.  I love my vegetables and quite clearly my vegetables love me.
Having gone through four days of eating relatively clean I've found an even deeper and intense passion for them.  How did I eventually lose this love and start focussing on processed goods like Cake bars and frozen sausages?  I have no idea.


There's something very beautiful about eating what earth provides for you and what's more amazing is how it almost seems like the earth wants your body to be great.  It's making me appreciate the land I live on and now I feel even more of an need to be more 'green' in life.

In the recent issue of Healthy Magazine (which is BRILLIANT this month!) I remember reading something that sent me to the heavens.  A very clever person reminds us to eat foods that are grown on plants and do not eat foods that are made in plants.  It's not as obvious as it seems but it's so true.  The same article talks about what your body needs and that a healthy diet consists of mainly plants, natural goods and only the occasional meat, and I completely agree with this.  For the last few days, living by this philosophy has given me peace and that's probably because meat has a tendency to give me mood swings due to hormones etc. 
Lastly, the man who was writing this article says to never eat something that does not go off.  Obvious, but profound.

I just wanted to share that with you, I will be recording a video all on this tomorrow.  Wish me luck for the weekend!



  1. I think your really brave to post body profile shots. I remember i once tried taking photos and couldn't even bare to look at them on the camera screen so i deleted them straight away!

    Best of luck for the weekend!

  2. Good for you Helen, it is nice to see people who aren't ashamed of their bodies, we are all beautiful the way we are. I support your whole weight loss/life journey.