Monday, 30 August 2010

Day 7 - A walking success

My Sunday has been a particularly exciting experience.  I woke up extremely exhausted from the abuse last night and having only had five hours of sleep, I really could not stomach any food.  However I forced down a blackberry and blueberry smoothie which was wonderful.  I love a smoothie for breakfast and I am so pleased I've gotten into the habit so quickly because I know it will come useful when I start working full time. 
On Sundays I usually spend the entire days with my lovely and adorable nephews.  We we0nt to the Wildlife and Wetlands Trust in Barnes and spent most of the day walking, appreciating wildlife and educating the small children.  I found the day easy to cope with as I packed an abundance of sustenance with me including strawberries, raw broccoli, celery, a sandwich, water and bananas. It was an absolutely wonderful day.  Here are some pictures of the day that I want to share with you.
The day went on and I treated myself to a bar of 70% fair trade, dark chocolate from Divine (one of my all time favourite chocolate bars) and towards the evening we all headed back to a local Chinese restaurant and had dinner.  As for that meal, I could not steer away from MSG or salt but I went carbohydrate free and limited myself on the meat.  I ate until I was very full but overall it was a good dinner.  It's still hard to eat with friends and family but I think this is just going to be one of those things I will learn to do properly along the way.
As for water I think I've had about 1500ml only but that is OK. The most exciting this is that i managed over 12,000 steps today!!  Hurray!  I feel totally powered up to try and do a bit of cardio work out tomorrow.  Life is so amazing.
Tomorrow is weigh-in day and I'm slightly nervous.  I'm sure I have lost weight but I just hope I can reach at least 3lbs.  I'm unsure about these prospects with the slip ups that happened towards the end of this week but I am hopeful.   I can't wait to tell you tomorrow morning!
My final thoughts for the day is that this week has been a true wake-up shake-up.  I love what's happened this week for me and I feel inspired and have changed for the better.  This week has not only been an Earth-quake of an experience but a particularly life-changing ordeal that I quite frankly, need to keep doing because it makes me so happy.  It takes a lot for me to feel peace these days and when I think about how good I am doing, I am so happy. 
I've been doing  a lot of research lately on not only diet but living green and being the best you can be.  This is partly why I get so little sleep because I spend so much of my time having these ideas and curiosities buzzing around in my head. 
I've been learning a lot about the Macrobiotic Diet and while I've been fairly familiar with it in the past, I'm looking at it in more detail and being very scientific about my research.  I've always been fascinated about it and while you all know that I hate the word 'diet', I do think the Macrobiotic uses it in a completely different scene.
As well as this I've finally found out the word for the 'type of eater' I've always wanted to be but have been shot down for doing so.  The word is 'Pescetarian' which describes a person who does not eat meat but does seafood and vegetables.  It's a way of eating I've always been aspired to practice  but have never had the courage or support.  Somehow, somewhere, I've managed to gather courage to go on this journey without fear and so far, I am loving it- talking about walking outside of your comfort zone.
I don't want to be apart of a diet but I am interested in learning from different techniques as I always have been.  I'm very interested in the The Kind Diet (or Kind Life) by Alicia Silverstone and want to learn more about Macrobiotics.  I'm still learning about Raw Food and I'm still keen on researching about exercise.  I've discovered a passion and it's self-improvement, for sure.
I don't want to keep rambling so I hope you enjoyed today's post.  Fingers crossed for tomorrow and let's hope it's going to be fantastic!
With love,


  1. Hey! It Junior from your facebook page :D Just wanted to start off by saying how great this, im feeling inspired... and i feel an essay coming on too. lol

    I've been someone who has had to deal with being over weight the majority of my life. From primary school through to the beginning of uni, from were i began to lose weight. Ive just finished uni, so for three years ive been a very healthy eater, but i still have insecurities about my body and have problem areas. For a guy i have the the fattest thighs and butt! (for my height and general body size) You can't tell from my pictures, but i do! I've exercised, done squats even reduced what i was eating to the point where the top half of my body got worryingly thin, but the weight on the bottom still remained. I also love to dance alot to the point where sweat is dripping off my face. I've been doing this from of exercise for a year now, and still nothing! It's so annoying and frustrating. I think it may have to do with my weakness for sweets, like pastries, and cakes! >.<

    From watching the Alicia Silverstone video on your youtube page, ive had a bit of a wake up call that eating healthily isn't enough if im still eating the not so healthy stuff. (which is literally feeding my butt and thighs) Im kinda tying to follow some of the things you're doing to see if it helps as I just don't know what to do any more. Hopefully your journey will help motivate me to finish mine! :) I think i might get Alicia's book too. It seems really good and im quite a green person myself.

    I also have a question about the whole 'raw' thing. Im always looking for better ways to eat, but im afraid that the same 'weight gaining' thing Alicia experienced might happen with me. Do you have any concerns with that, as you are eating raw foods, or are you just going to see where it takes you?

  2. Hi Junior! So good to see you on here :)
    I'm doing the raw thing more for my health as opposed to weight loss. I don't think eating raw can make you dramatically slimmer (so if you ate the same foods but just raw...I could imagine it being the same) but the only way of it making you lose weight perhaps is because you are no longer using oils or even salts. While I have little strict rules on the raw side of things, I feel like if I CAN eat it raw, and I like it raw and its OK to eat raw, then I do. I feel its the best way to gain all your nutrients and quite often the crunch factor really cheers me up. (plus, it saves on energy!)
    Everyone's journey is their own and there is no way I would advise you on something because I'm not an expert myself! But what I can say is that well done for looking after your health and actually dancing! (not like my type of dancing ><) Also bearing in mind I find if you take things to far (i.e. following everything to the T) then you can become obsessed, therefore you no longer note whats normal and begin to think your world is that diet. thats how i notice people put on weight because they cant find the right balance. Yes, i take a leaf out of the raw food diet but i'm not a raw foodist strictly.... :)
    I'm also wanting that book too to get ideas and just educate myself. Hopefully I can help people with that too.
    I hope that helps! Come back to check out my weigh in results tonight!