Saturday, 28 August 2010

Day 5 - Greasy Chinese, you interest me no more.

It's Friday and what a wonderful day it's been.  I'm sitting here tonight slightly hungry; perhaps I made some wrong food choices but I've eaten well within calories and it's struck me that today I ate very little processed goods.  I count tinned goods as processed (tinned Chinese mushrooms for lunch today) and while I know frozen vegetables can also be classed as so, I can let whole frozen foods slide (more on this subject another time).

This morning I woke hungry again especially because I rose at 12 noon again.  I hate that I just cannot manage to sleep early and wake up early; this is a habit I MUST break.  Funnily enough it seems harder to manage than eating healthily and ironically I love to sleep.  I guess I love doing 'nothing' more.  I started the day with a mixed berry, banana, honey and soya milk smoothie.  I have to say, starting the day with a nutritious hit really makes me smile.  At lunch time I ate a huge stir fry with fish and lots of leafy greens and mushrooms.  Unfortunately I decided to have some rice which was not so clever so 545kcal went straight to my tummy.  It's not so bad because I had a really small dinner of herby Philadelphia baked tomato with a broad bean and bacon salad.  I snacked on bananas and apples (I'm really loving the organic braeburn variety at the moment). 

So 2 litres of water has been guzzled happily today (even a cheeky cup of tea).  I only managed 7000 odd steps today but that's quite OK as I ate around 1180 calories.  So overall, a success.

What's more of a pat-on-the-back is my will to resist the greasy Chinese take away food we serve in our shop.  I'm always picking at food on the weekends when I work but today, not a single chip or chicken ball touched my lips.  I've just suddenly realised that this stuff is awful.  Don't get me wrong, not all Chinese take away food is bad for you and if you choose wisely, you can still do well eating Chinese take away; it's one of the few take aways you can buy in England that isn't as bad as it seems (unlike our Pizza Hut, KFC or McDonalds).  If you're smart and ask nicely at a trusted place, you can ask for vegetable and meat stir frys and ask for little salt and MSG.  So I'm not shunning the Chinese take away I've grown up with, I'm just saying no to the deep fried goods and the sugary sauces! 

Lastly I wanted to add that I'm thinking of joining my local leisure centre because they offer a cheaper membership and it's supposed to have a good reputation.  It has great facilities and I'm hoping that I can start using their machines or go to their classes. Often at leisure centres they are less fancy than gyms but they do have everything you need.  I believe they even have a badminton court so I might give it a nose around.

It's exciting times and I hope you're as excited as I am!


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