Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Day 1 + Day 2 - Positive Start

Having not written an update for day 1 or 2, I'm going to give you a quick update on both days.  These diary entries shouldn't be too long winded but hopefully will provide you with insight, entertainment and inspiration.

I spent Day 1 very positive and I completed the day with 1200 calories and a big smile at the end of the evening.  I was most pleased about successfully drinking my 2 litres of water!  What a triumph!  After day 1 I felt hydrated, not too hungry, accomplished and ready to take on the world.

The interesting thing about day 1 is that I wore my pedometer to see how many 'steps' I do on a daily basis.  Granted, this happened to be one of my 'sit at home and vegetate' days and I was shocked to see I only walked 3000 steps and that's WITH doing house work which is a rare event.  I looked at my pedometer (shall we call him Ped) and swore I would see 10,000 tomorrow.  I would show him.

Today I woke up ravenous and extremely dehydrated... had my body turned into a desert over night?  I downed tons of water before breakfast and I was craving a greasy fry up, slabs of toast and lots of cereal.  I shook off the urge and turned to my eggs and thought "you are protein, and you will make me slim".  I made a quick vegetable omelette (yay for basic frozen vegetable mix!) and I spent the rest of the day shopping for clothes.  I have an interview tomorrow and I'm extremely worried, but forget about that for now.

For lunch I headed to Pret a Manger because it was close and I knew that a lot of their foods have calorie information on the labels.  I chose a 'slim pret' sandwich of Cray Fish and Rocket and also their Tuna Salad.  I finished the meal off with a Vanilla Chai tea (skimmed milk, please) and including the estimated chai tea, lunch was well under 400 calories.  It goes to show you CAN eat outdoors if you choose wisely.

Smug faced but starving, I went home and eventually prepared for dinner.  I wouldn't call dinner disastrous but the one thing I did learn is that:

a) I CANNOT have excess food on the table.  This means traditional chinese way of eating is like a mine field. 
b) If I'm not cooking, I have to eat less. 
c) Never make big batches of mixed foods when you're eating with others (i.e. Today's Sausage Ragu).  You just can't tell what you're eating! 

I understand I have a control and discipline problem.  Before I came to terms with that but now I want to fight back.  I refuse to be held prisoner to the voice in my head.

We end this post with pleasant news; I managed my 10,000 steps and I am over the moon.  It wasn't that hard and I really think I can do it tomorrow.  I've also hit my 2 litre water again, go me! *does a dance*.

I'm feeling great but I am very sleepy.  Part of this journey is to regain a normal and healthy life and this means I must make an effort to sleep.  I want to wake up at a decent hour tomorrow so that means I should say hello to my bed soon. 

Let's hope tomorrow is going to be amazing.  How is your journey going?



  1. Sounds like a pretty successful start! :]
    Can't wait to here more about it!
    I have to start changing my lifestyle and eating habits as well...it brought me health problems :X I guess I just need to take it little steps at a time hehe And use some of your tips ^__^

  2. Sounds like its going brilliant Helen, good job so far, you make me want my own 'Ped'!!(and go shopping haha)
    I've managed to stay off the chocolate bars but I've had sneaky treats once or twice (as you can see in my blog mmmmmm Neapolitan bakewells..) but done exercise :D And managing not to snack between breaky and lunch!
    I have portion problems when at boyfies as he makes a lot (he is 6'6"!) and gives me half so now I have to make sure I sort out my own portion!

    Keep up the good work chika! <3

    Kitty x