Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Day 16/2.0 - The wrong weight

It's been a grand total of 16 days and I know I have not yet weighed in.  I am completely honest when I say that it's because I've just been too busy and I put it off until the second week, although of course I am two days late!  Either way, the show must go on...!

When I began 2.0 I was 12st 4.8lb...or... 172.8lbs ....or... 78.3kg.

This week I weigh in at ...

12 St 7lbs! 






Like how I am catering for all my readers there?  Even the short sighted!

Before I even talk about how that is such a failure... there is something I missed out.  On day 2 I actually weighed myself again and I was suddenly 12st 8.4lbs.  I then weighed again on day 3 and it was still the same, as well as day 4.  So to confirm that actually I must have read the scales wrong.  How embarrassing.

I'm going to start this thing all again and above are the new measurements (yes, I weighed myself four times in different areas of the house just to make sure).

So by that token, in these two weeks I've managed to lose a pound or so and in theory that's not OK.  It's the smallest amount of weight I've ever lost at the beginning of any diet I've ever done - perhaps this is a good sign?

Reviewing back on the last two weeks, I know why I haven't lost a significant amount of weight and I'm completely at ease with it.  The first week I allowed myself to cook again, look at my nutrition intake and got the ball rolling.  I didn't want any pressure on myself so I didn't overwhelm myself.

Overwhelmed I wasn't, and on the second week I was happy to look at my portion size and start taking calories into consideration.  Again, I haven't been too anal about this whole calorie thing but I know what are my guidelines and my limits.  That's why the first week I would have lost 0 and this week I have lost a pound! 

On week three, I will be continuing calorie counting as well as keeping on with my running and therefore hoping to reap another pound or two off of this body!

On the exercise front, things are going fabulously.  I have completed my first week of Couch to 5k which means I have run three times now!  I run on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays before work and even though I have to wake up at the crack of dawn, it really helps to make the most out of my day.
I was really quite worried and nervous on my first week but I think I've learned to re-love running especially as this time round it's structured, less painful and I'm doing it alone.  A lot of people prefer to have running buddies and I did love having my Sister with me, but I love it equally alone because it gives me time to reflect and it keeps me strong and independent in the process so I know if someone gives me up, I won't feel like I should follow suit.

I really enjoy running in the morning; the mornings are peaceful and bright.  I love the park that I go to because I have a lot of nice memories there and it feels really safe and friendly.  I love running past all the happy dog lovers, the puppies and the babies; I even love being taken over by other runners because it keeps me going.  IMG_3207 IMG_3211 Above are pictures of the park I run at...isn't it beautiful?

The third time I completed the run I felt stronger and I know that I ran a further distance than I had previously.  I'm also quite proud that I didn't give up even though I felt exhausted.  In the end?  The day was energetic and positive.

Wish me luck for the coming week and good luck to you all,


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  1. How's it going?

    I ordered Turbo Fire and it should be arriving tomorrow! A co-worker of mine has been using it and she is showing such great results. I'm going to be using it as my form of exercise. Right now in the US it's getting hotter and more humid by the minute. I know exercising is equivalent to sweating but I'd still prefer to do it in an air conditioned environment, my room. :D