Sunday, 12 June 2011

Day 13/2.0 - Keep on moving, don't stop, no...!

counting-calories-to-lose-weight1  It's a fact, to me, that counting calories is probably one of the most hardest things to do on a 'diet regime'. 
With some diets all you have to do is only eat things that are green or pink, then some you look up a book to see how many points it's 'worth' and with others there's liquidating everything that passes through your gob.  There's not too much thinking involved, where as calorie counting (at least at the beginning) can sometimes be so overwhelming and at times, impossible.  A lot of the times it's really called 'calorie estimating' and that's only OK if you know your calories well...and if you eat the same things day in and day out.   Calorie counting can really bug my brain, but I know it works so I better shut up and keep on moving...

It's technically been two days (excluding today) since I started counting these calories and I have already met a lot of obstacles.  It's the same story about being surrounded by those who are not watching what they eat... and that story about going out to socialise always involving calorific food and completely misjudged choices.  I went out for Japanese food last night and while I know I could have done a lot worse, it wasn't my greatest triumph; nonetheless I know that's not this week's biggest problem.  Tonight I will be at a steak house (with vegetarian options) and I can smell the fat in the air already.  Oh Lord, please have mercy upon my hips.

Today is Day 2 of Couch to 5k and while I'm excited to complete my second day, I'm nervous about getting to work on time and looking a complete sweaty, delirious mess.  The really daft thing is that my body is not recovering fast enough and I'm aching as if I did the run just yesterday evening.... maybe it's old age! 

Whatever the obstacles are, one must face them head on and know they are the fact of life.  Just like how calorie counting is a bitch.  And how not doing it could leave me another year as fat as the year before (or fatter).

Have a good day everyone,


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