Friday, 10 June 2011

Day 11 of 2.0

Good morning everyone!

I am in extremely high spirits today...!  Yesterday I posted a quick video blog to voice my concerns about my exercise and how I feel like I need to start running again.  The reason why I did this was because it had been apparent to me how 'badly' I was doing at this weight loss thing over the last two days and it was starting to really bug me.  It bugged me in such a way that I was beginning to feel really insecure about my body image and this is a familiar feeling that creeps up on me every time I get to about this weight.  This is also a good feeling because I know when this happens, I start to lose weight again, at least temporarily.

However, this time at 2.0, I'm really going to give it a good thrusty stab and I will make sure I get to goal this time round.  I'm going through all the things I did last time (that I know worked) and giving it a go again.  So that means:

  • I'm calorie counting once again, using Calorie Count's Website and also the Andriod App.  I'm going to log in my foods when I can and if I can't I will write them down in a book that I shall take to work. 
    • As before I am giving myself a quota of 1200kcal a day.  This is recommended for my height and build as well as lifestyle, so when setting your quota, do not forget to find out what is best for you.
    • I shall drink 2l of water a day, period.
    • I am living on a mostly plant based diet and shall not be too anal.  I love that word.
    • I will analyse and monitor my nutrition levels
  • I am going to try and run three times a week.  It's going to be a rough ride with exercise to begin with but hopefully I will find something I enjoy and can fit into my schedule.
  • Sleeping is the key to successful weight loss as it helps with recovery and energy so I will try my utmost hardest to sleep between 7-8 hours a day.
  • ** Allowing time, minimum once a week, to review the diet and to write in this blog or make a video blog. 

That is it for now and I really hope I won't wonder too far from this plan because I think it's quite sound.  I'm going to go for my run later (possibly a few hours after lunch) and when I have sorted all of the things I need for this weight loss plan to work.

**I really do love day offs.  Which reminds me that a part of this plan really should have a guild line where I must allow myself time to be alone, sit and review this diet (as I am now) and refocus.  Yes, amended.

I am now going to doing other weight loss related things, stay tuned for an upcoming post about my Super Porridge recipe and everything about it!

Lots of love,


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