Thursday, 7 April 2011

Starting on a clean slate

The most wonderful thing about 'failing' is being able to start again and really going for it.  Not long ago I read up about my star sign and apparently being a Sagittarius makes me impossibly optimistic and determined, which is probably why I've been in the weight loss game so long and have not yet succeeded and kept persisting.  I've been trying for over 10 years now... I'm sure at one point I will succeed, right?


This morning I am cleaning and giving myself this day to re-structure my life and do the things I want.  I have made it a priority to have Thursdays to myself (at least the evenings) and therefore I will start my weekend the moment I finish work on a Tuesday.  This way I shall have time to refocus if I fall off the wagon and make sure I start the next week even better than the last.

I am about to start cleaning and when I'm done, I shall be living in a clean and tidy house, eating healthily and making money.  Look who's laughing now!  Me!

Hope you all have a nice clean day!


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