Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Final Push

Ever since the horrific snow that hit us in the UK, I stopped riding my bike to and from work... which means that I haven't been riding my bike since because I completely fell off the bang wagon, again!  I kept thinking about it and moaning to my Sister about not doing it when all of a sudden she decided we would the next day.  Slightly stunned, I agreed and honestly felt nervous the entire night...and I had good reason to.

The next time we woke up to extreme wind and just awful weather.  Of course we went and it's the first time I've ever physically wanted to vomit after exercise.  It's just a 20 minute ride but the first day back was absolutely frightening and was enough to scare me from doing it for a while.  The bike is banished into the shed until the weather is warmer and I'm feeling more confident.

Nonetheless, I know that time is slowly but surely running out.  I still have not lost any weight.  That night I wondered what I should do instead, seeing as I just can't find enough time to go running properly and my bike fears are enough to make me want to cry.  I then found my skipping rope!

A year ago, or so, when I was trying to lose weight I bought a skipping rope in a bid to make work out fun.  Needless to say, it wasn't fun for long and that too was banished to some corner that I didn't look at much often.  However this time round I'm quite keen on the idea because it doesn't require running around in the dark or facing traffic in the morning.  It's supposed to be one of the best, cheapest and easiest ways to work up a sweat and work out the muscles.  So, it wasn't long when I went running one day and also bought it along with me to test out.

The run itself was what I had expected - painful and difficult - but the skipping really helped shake things up and although I am quite shamefully rubbish at it, it really worked!  I had muscle pains in places I didn't even realise I had muscles!  Since then, I've woken up once to skip in the morning and I intend to do it again. 

So time is running out for me and I'm still the same weight as I was last time.  Tomorrow is a better day and I'm sure I will wake up from this nightmare soon!  I just have got to keep believing! 


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  1. Good luck Helen! I know you will be able to succeed once you put your mind to it! :D Whenever you are having a 'blah day' just remember that we are all rooting for you! ^^